Studying and Living for International Students in Israel

The Student Authority at the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption helps students attending pre-academic programmes in the first year of studies. They provide assistance in locating housing in student dorms. Subsidised rent is charged and priority is given to students who reside abroad. Fresh immigrants/Olim wishing to study in Israel can attain counselling benefits, financial assistance and loans from the Student Authority. Apart from grants and loans, immigration certificates are also issued by this authority. 

Work While Study in Israel

Fields of Work: Students can work in Israel in one of the following fields: nursing care, construction, agriculture, welding and industrial  professions, construction, hotel work and ethnic cookery. Working visas can be obtained at the country of residence or Israel with a tourist visa. Without a working visa, students cannot work in Israel. Designated employers such as employment agencies can obtain a valid work permit which has been certified by the Ministry of Interior. Passport will be stamped with a working visa carrying the name of the person/company the students are working for. Working visa will be limited for the period mentioned in the employment permit. This must be extended following a year. The permit for longer periods may also be extended. The authority to extend and issue visas remains with only the Israeli Ministry of Interior. 

Work Visa: The working visa is only valid for specific trade and students are not permitted to any other trade. Recruited through employment agencies in Israel and in the native nation. If recruited to the native country, recruitment fee must be paid which must not be more than NIS 3050. This includes overall payments to agencies in Israel as well as international shores. This includes travel expenses. Construction workers are employed in Israel through authorised employment agencies. As per new regulation, caregivers employers must register in private offices authorised for doing so. Workers and employers should contact licensed offices as per information provided by the Ministry of Industry, Labour and trade and sign the form registering themselves. After the registration, workers and employers will be provided registration conferment composed in Hebrew plus a language understood by the worker. 

Documents and Work Conditions: Under law in Israel, each person must carry a document for personal identification. Students should open a bank account for enabling direct money transfers from official bodies, employers, parents and so on. Students can open an account in the postal bank without making an initial deposit. A migrant worker in Israel can work in the same conditions as a citizen. Students who are working while studying should ensure that they have a written copy of the contract of employment in a language that can be understood. Each month, employers must provide a detailed wage slip with payments and deductions from wages. A 24 hour work day is illegal. A usual working day lasts for 8 hours. A stipulated number of breaks are also given to working students.

Social Life and Essentials to Remember

Recreation: Israel is home to recreational centres and shopping malls as well as street malls and shops in large cities. Students can get all their requirements here.

Finances: Official currency in Israel is NIS/New Israeli Shekel or shekel. On-line currency converters are also available on official sites. Foreign currency of different kinds can be exchanged at airport, banks, post offices and hotels as well as licensed exchange agencies in bigger cities. 

Holidays: The major holidays observed in Israel are: 

1. Rosh Hashanah
2. Yom Kippur
3. Sukkot 
4. Chanukah
5. Purim
6. Pesach
7. Shavuot

Israel is a unique educational destination which offers superlative courses and learned faculty for international students. This nation is rapidly emerging as a leading educational destination in the world.  
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