Cost and Financial Aids in Israel for Higher Education

Education in Israel is extremely affordable, more so at public universities which receive 70% of their funding from the government. Private universities cost a lot more and they are the right choice for those who can afford them. 

Government Funding for Higher Education in Israel

Students can opt for various types of scholarships. Summer language study courses/ ulpan and one complete academic year/research studies are covered under this scholarship programme.  Applicants should hold a Bachelor of Arts or Sciences degree or more and possess an excellent academic record. Applicant should be a national citizen of the nation where he or she makes the application for scholarship and should not be younger 35 during the commencement of the academic year.

Countries to which the Scholarship Applies: The Israeli government offers scholarships to international students as Application Process for Higher Education in Israelstipulated upon with the following nations: Slovak Republic, Austria, Mexico, Korea, Estonia, Greece, Czech Republic, Belarus, Croatia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Canada (Quebec), Colombia, Romania, China, Cyprus, Poland, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Moldova, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, and Turkey. Following nations have a special/ unique scholarship arrangement with Israel namely France, Finland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Belgium, India, Germany, the UK, Finland, Norway, Japan, Russia, Switzerland and the Netherlands  

Requirements for the Scholarship: Proof of English/Hebrew linguistic proficiency is also required as per this scholarship. Applicants should also meet academic needs of the university in Israel to which the application has been made. A scholarship will be given following the accepting of the student from the concerned institute. Terms and guidelines of the scholarship are based on the yearly budget. Complete or partial scholarship will also be granted. 

Complete and Partial Scholarships: Complete scholarship comprises tuition/study fee, allowance for a single academic year per month (for a duration of 8 months) as well as functional health insurance. Part scholarship encompasses part of the tuition fee along with same other provisions as a complete scholarship. 
Scholarships are only given for universities as well as programs which have been approved by the Council for Higher Education for Israeli state. Scholarship for the ulpan linguistic studies is offered by the Foreign Affairs ministry.  

Application Documents: This includes the filled application form, comprehensive letter providing an understanding of the field applicant wants to pursue in Israel indicating the university student wishes to go to, CV, xerox of letters exchanged with the university/supervisor. Official academic records which are original or notarised copies of relevant studies, exam scores, diplomas showing completion of academic degree and letters of recommendation from professors teaching the candidate along with health certificate and 3 photographs. 

Three copies of these should be given in English and submitted to the Israel embassy in the nation of the applicant. Last date of application form submission is not beyond November 30. Final decision pertaining the scholarship is made in the June every year. 

Other Scholarships for Students in Israel

Application Process for higher education in Israel
Fulbright Grants: These are for exchange students from America. Grants are administered by the International Education Institute and sponsorships are by the State Department of the US.

Go Overseas Study Abroad Scholarship: This is valid for present or future international students. The scholarship is awarded based on how creative students are and capacity for analytically thinking displayed through videos, photos and writing. Application deadline for this scholarship is around middle of September. 

Israel Scholarship: This is for Hispanic/Spanish -American students to study abroad in Israel. Scholarship is for graduate as well as bachelor’s level students. Scholarship amount is USD 3000 in prizes/scholarships to applicants who are qualified. 
Many students may qualify for elaborate scholarships which are supplementary from universities in Israel. 
B. A. Gilman Scholarship: This scholarship is for US bachelor’s level students getting the Federal Pell Grant funding at a 2 or 4 year college/university to take part in study abroad international programs across the globe. This program accepts applications around twice a year. Students should commence with applications one complete semester prior to the commencement of the study program. 

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Scholarship: These study grants support bachelor’s program students in the academic sphere. 50 USD 1000 grants are offered annually. 

AJLI Scholarship: This organisation provides scholarships for one complete year of study in Israel. Scholarship is for Master’s or Bachelor’s level students. Only US citizens can apply for this scholarship. There is no bar on age for this scholarship. 

AZM H. B.  Reich Scholarship: These are given to a restricted set of American/US students every year that have received an acceptance letter from the educational institution for the year and/or semester. Preferential is provided to complete year students. These scholarships are for honouring students who have made the commitment to Israel and Jewish community. Recipients of this scholarship have to participate in the American/US Zionist movement even after coming back to the US. 

AGN Scholarship for Israel Studies and Services: This scholarship is meant for young adults aged 18 to 30 years for studying in Israeli cities and fostering Israeli society as well as Zionist ideals. This scholarship awards students USD 5000 each for the complete year in a co-ed institutes of higher education. 

N. P. Kadar International Yiddish Summer: This provides tuition assistance to students who are qualified and they must be enrolled in the TAU programme for International Yiddish

JKC Foundation: This is a private and independent foundation established. It was established by J. K. Cooke and it aims at assisting young people with tremendous potential and promise. 

Veteran Tuition Assistance: Enrolled graduate students in prior-approved VA programs should apply for this type of scholarship. This scholarship is for Bill benefits for GI or tuition assistance for VA.

NSEP Scholarships (Undergraduates): Boren Scholarships which provide close to USD 20 thousand to US bachelor’s level students in countries which are vital to US interests and underrepresented in study abroad

NSEP (Graduate) or Boren Fellowships provide close to USD 30 thousand  to US postgraduate students to include international and linguistic components to education for graduates through specialisation in area or linguistic study or enhanced linguistic proficiency

External and Private Funds and Scholarships for Students In Israel

Private Scholarships: These include the Lady Davis Fellowship Trust and the Alisa Flatow Memorial Scholarship Fund. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem also provides limited number of scholarships to candidates who are highly qualified from universities across the world. Tel Aviv University also offers need based assistance to students. 

University of Haifa offers Presidential Merit scholarship available for students planning to study for a complete academic year or a single semester. These scholarship recipients must participate in volunteer programs while attending higher studies at Haifa. Ben Gurion University of Negev also offers scholarships to students based on financial status and academic progress. Technion grants financial aid as well as scholarship or tuition waiver associated with academic merit or financial status. 


Costs and financial funding of higher education in Israel is easy thanks to numerous scholarships available. Governmental as well as private scholarships are available for students in Israel as well as international pupils. 
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