Israel as a Study Destination

Why Study in Israel?

Israel is an evolving nation with a distinct culture and history of interests to scholars on an international scale. Israel also has one of the best higher educational systems across the globe with universities in the top 200th ranks according to QS World University Rankings. Public, private and foreign universities are readily accessible for world class higher education. For details see World University Rankings

Advantages of Studying in Israel

Centre of Excellence: Israel’s rapidly growing reputation for being an academic centre of excellence is one of the many reasons international students prefer studying here. Traditionally, it has been associated with excellence in fields such as religious studies, political science and archaeology. Israel is also one of the top spots in the world for studying science, technology and business management.

Silicon Valley of the Mediterranean East: Israel is known as the Silicon Valley of the region east to the Mediterranean. Israel has more companies on NASDAQ than any other nation outside the US. It is the birthplace of many interesting and innovative technologies in the world. It is also the place to meet Nobel laureates who are faculty at the world renowned academic institutions here. World leaders in business,  academia and government can be found imparting wisdom in institutions here.

Plenty of Resources: With a population of just 7 million, Israel has plenty of resources for international students. Israeli universities rank among the leading academic institutions in the world. Research here is at the very cutting edge of technology and Israel is the world leader in medical device patents. It produces more academic papers per year per capita than any other nation in the world. Israel is also the birthplace of many exciting and new technologies. 

Affordable Cost of Education: Cost of education in Israel is also extremely affordable. Tuition fees at leading Israeli universities are very low compared to Western counterparts. This is a cost effective study choice for students and they can opt for English language programs. Hebrew medium courses are also available for students who are proficient in this language. Middle Eastern studies, Jewish studies, political science are some of the core, fundamental offerings at universities in Israel. Students can choose from a wide array of choices including MBA programs, agricultural science and security and diplomacy.  

Fellowship activities: These include seminars at various ministries such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Students can also opt for training in leadership skills, creative and innovative thinking and strategy for startups to provide insights into innovation, technology, culture and allied fields. Students and research fellows in Israel also have the benefit of enrolling in state of the art mentoring programs. Israel is one of the oldest civilisations of the world and its rich and unique cultural heritage and legacy is one of a kind. 

Higher education system in Israel is well organized and systematic. This is a right career choice for international students who want to access excellent courses and world renowned faculty.
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