Overview of Higher Education System in Israel

Israel’s higher educational institutions are mostly financed by the State. There are several different types of higher educational institutions in Israel. The education system in Israel is oriented towards personal as well as professional development of the students.

Overview of Higher Education System in Israel

Higher Education in Israel

Types of Educational Institutions: Academic institutions in Israel include 7 research universities as well as the Open University. These award undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Colleges also award bachelor’s or master’s degree programs. Teacher training colleges are financed by the education ministry. 

Cycle of Higher Education: Tertiary or higher education in Israel encompasses a three tiered cycle:
  • Bachelor/Boger
  • Master/Musmakh
  • PhD/Doctorate programs
  • Diploma/Limudei Teudah

Subjects Offered: The diplomas are offered by certain academic institutions only. The various types of disciplines which are covered include general philosophy, education, law, biology, bioinformatics, chemistry, social sciences and Judaic studies to name a few. Accredited higher education institutions comprise colleges, academies and universities. 

Medium and Mode of Program: Programs are mostly Hebrew medium. Some higher educational institutions do offer studies in English along with other languages. Numerous academic institutions offer programs for international students. Range of teaching languages is established as per the demand for it. Programs are taught in regular mode, though distance learning courses are also offered.  

Higher/Post Secondary Education: Post secondary/higher education in Israel follows a systematic pattern. Certain post secondary programs in Israel do not yield degrees and are under the supervision of the Ministry of Education & Culture. The Council for Higher Education comes under the supervision of higher education. There are three types of institutions namely non university institutions of higher education, universities and regional colleges. Following 12 years of primary and secondary education, higher education is enrolled in. 

Universities: Currently, there are 8 universities in Israel. Each of these are autonomous institutions recognized by the Council for Higher Education. Universities also have boards of governors. The Ministry and Council are not directly concerned with the administrative operation of the institutions, as the latter are mostly autonomous.

Courses Popularly Studied in Israel

Popular Courses: Israeli higher educational institutions and universities are among the leading 100 of the top universities across the globe, as per the latest QS World University Rankings. Subjects taught include mathematics, chemistry, computer science, business administration as well as management. Summer programs are offered in specific academic areas and languages including Arabic, Hebrew and Yiddish.

Language Programs: Intensive Language Programs are offered in the same set of languages as well. Numerous Graduate Programs are also offered at these Israeli universities. Generally, global students will spend a semester or year in an exchange program enabling them to learn more about Jewish culture and history. Higher studies in Israel offer a wide range of choices including English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Russian as far as medium of instruction is concerned. 

Reasons to Choose Israel as a Study Destination

Overview of Higher Education System in Israel
Record Number of Enrollments: With close to 2,000 years of history, Israel is home to the most ancient religions and cultures across the globe. It is ideal for higher education. Higher education plays a crucial role in the economic and social development of Israel. In the year 2009-2010, around 280,000 students attended institutions of higher learning in Israel. From these, 38% attended universities and 41% percent were enrolled in colleges. 21% participated in distance learning courses. Israeli higher educational institutions have been provided academic and administrative freedom.

Scholarships for Foreign Students:The Israeli government also offers scholarships to foreign students that belong to countries having a cultural agreement with Israel. Scholarships are also offered for students who have been accepted by Israeli universities. Terms and conditions of scholarships change with time. Two different kinds of scholarships are offered namely:
  • Ulpan for summer language courses
  • Research scholarships for academic year

Guidance and Assistance: Student authorities at the Ministry of Immigration Absorption help students who are attending pre-academic programs during the first year of education to find suitable accommodation. Priority is given to students who live abroad.  Olim or new immigrants are provided counseling benefits as well as loans and financial assistance. 

Student Authority: Student Authority offers numerous services to immigrants and this includes grants, loans, housing assistance and financial aid. Students also acquire a deeper understanding of Jewish culture and tradition through social activities. Students cal also contact the shalice aliya or the Jewish Agency for assistance. 

Excellent Public and Private Universities: Israel is one of the most well known cultural centers across the globe. Public universities are funded close to 70% by the government. 20% of the funding is associated with tuition fees. This lowers the cost of education for students who attend public universities. Private higher educational institutions are costlier and admission here is based on financial capability to pay. Costs also differ between schools.


Israel has considerable expertise in the field of higher education. With full fledged financial assistance programs and scholarships, it is the perfect choice for international students. Israel also has higher educational institutions with excellent faculty and courses that are designed to instill comprehensive knowledge in students. 
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