Education Application Process and Admission

Entrance/admission requirements  for higher education in Israel are associated with the level of qualification students are seeking. Most programs in Hebrew medium or English medium are an ideal choice for international students. Many programs require proficiency in Hebrew. The admission procedure varies for each individual university or college. For English medium programs, students should also score well on TOEFL, IELTS tests or others demonstrating proficiency in this language.

Admission Procedure for Students in Israel

Proficiency in Hebrew: Students must have sufficient command over Hebrew to take part in regular courses. There is also an intensive language course in Hebrew called Ulpan which is mandatory in some universities. For entry into a Bachelor’s degree university at Israel, high school diploma equal to the Israel Bagrut/matriculation certificate is a must. Those students whose certification is not judged equivalent can enter a pre-academic preparatory program in Israeli universities to gain the qualification they need.  Certain programs need an Israeli citizenship including veterinary medicine, speech therapy and physical therapy. 

Entrance Guidelines: Entrance stipulations for master’s degree courses are a B average/Good in the concerned undergraduate degree course. Certain programs may require higher grades. For doctoral degree programs, students must hold a master’s degree with a superlative thesis and an excellent grade average. Specific requirements are established by individual schools and programs. In some cases, bachelor’s degree holders can commence directly with research through a Direct Doctoral Degree program. 

Standard Exams for Higher Education in Israel

Psychometric Entrance Examination: This is conducted by the National Institute of Testing and Evaluation. The Psychometric Entrance Exam/Test is administered in several different languages across various locations in the world. This test can be taken for as many times as required with a gap of 10 months between any two testing sessions. The results are valid for 5 years. 

Psychometric Entrance Test/Exam comprises 9 sections which pertain to one of these domain areas: Reasoning of Verbal Content/VR, Quantitative/Numerical Reasoning/QR or English language. The first section is part of the domain of VR and it comprises a task for writing. Remaining 8 sections comprise multiple choice type queries in which a response must be selected from 4 alternatives.

Application to NITE: These sections of multiple choice type do not follow any predetermined order and time allowed for each section is given at the top. The sections consist of questions of varying types. Each section has questions arranged in increasing order of complexity with certain exceptions such as the questions for comprehending reading in VR and English domains placed in the manner in which the subject is presented within the text.  Applying to the NITE for the Psychometric Entrance Test is a different process from application to educational institutions. Candidates who apply to more than one institution need to take the test only a single time.  

SAT: US Scholastic Aptitude/Assessment Test or SAT is another important prerequisite for students seeking admission to undergraduate courses in Israel. GRE and GMAT tests are needed for Master’s level programs. Foreign students may even have to take supplementary courses prior to commencing studies in Israel.

Application Deadlines for International Students in Israel

The typical semester of a Israeli higher educational institutions commences in mid October. Applications are generally made within the 3 months of June, July and August. The admission results are communicated in September prior to the start of the academic term.
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