Visa Requirements for International Students in Israel

Many countries do not require visas for their citizens to enter Israel. However, there are also some nations with whom Israel does not have any diplomatic relations. Visa requirements are based on this chiefly.

Visa Requirements of International Students for Israel

Visa Needs: Many nationalities do not need a visa for visits to Israel for a duration shorter than 3 months. However, for others, visa requirements are a very urgent need for pursuing higher studies in Israel. In fact, students  who want to study for periods longer than 3 months need a student visa. Visa issued through a local consular office will usually last for a period of one year only. If students want to stay for more time in Israel or intend to return after a duration of one year, a fresh student visa will be issued in Israel. 

Entrants into Israel need a valid passport for a minimum of 6 months following entry into this nation. A return ticket will also be required to display at the customs.

Documents Needed for Student Visa Application in Israel 

The following documents are needed for the student visa application:
  • Filled application form for student visa
  • Present passport size photos facing forward-2 in number
  • Original letter of acceptance from a university in Israel, or a Yeshiva or educational institution
  • Valid passport for more than one year following the date of entrance to Israel
  • Return flight ticket and/or itinerary
  • Proof of sufficient funds preferably bank statement for financial support during higher education
  • Documents for legal re-entry to country of origin/country of residence
  • Minors below the age of 18 must have a notarised letter from parents or guardians for them to travel along with an original
  • Processing time for these documents will take around 2 weeks. 

Financial Assistance and Housing for International Students in Israel

Student Authority: The Student Authority at the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption helps students to attend pre-academic programmes at the first year of the higher studies. They also help students to locate housing in student dorms wherein subsidised rent is needed. 

Priority Housing: Students who live abroad can be given priority as against domestic pupils for housing purposes. Lone immigrants can avail assistance through rental fees from the ministry for four years as on the date of immigration given that they have an immigration certificate/Teudat Oleh.

Assistance for Immigrants: Fresh immigrants who want to study in Israel can obtain counselling benefits, loan and financial assistance. Student Authority offers numerous services to immigrants who are eligible such as numerous grants and loans, housing assistance as well as sociocultural activities.

Visa requirements are very clear cut and distinct in Israel. Universities and higher educational institutions require advanced preparations from the early stage itself. Students need to be well organised and ensure they have all the documents at hand to make.
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