Bagrut Test for Matriculation in Israel

Tuedat Bagrut is a compulsory requirement for Israeli higher education.Universities translate Bagrut diploma into Quality Point Average associated with grade and level as per a formula. Higher weightage is given to English and Math. Each department of the university also has certain stipulations and acceptance of the same is based on a blend of psychometric exam and Quality Point Average. 
Science department usually needs a science major and 4 or 5 unit level for Math.
Bagrut test in Israel
Parts of Exam: The exam which is psychometric matches the SATs in that it is made of three parts: verbal, math and English. Scores rank from 200 to 800. Students also complete preparatory study courses before proceeding with the exam. No real time limit is accorded to Olims who can take the exam in their native tongue. 

Colleges require a teudat bagrut which requires atleast 70 in Hebrew language test. Final Bagrut grade is the average of the actual test mark and the school mark called magen. 

Test Format and Requirements for Bagrut in Israel

Bagrut includes compulsory as well as elective exams in different levels for many subjects.There are tests which are marked by the education ministry which must be taken.
Subjects: English is provided at 3, 4 as well as  5 unit levels. 3 units of English level are enough for admission to a college, but not a university. Math is also provided at 3,4 as well as 5 unit levels. A 2 unit exam comprises the study of history from the Zionist perspective. Hebrew language has one grammar and composition unit. The Tanach or the Bible is 2 units. Civics comprises a single unit exam. Hebrew literature is a 2 unit exam though some schools offer 
Machshevet Yisrael or Philosophy (Jewish) as well.
Bagrut test in IsraelElectives: Every student must take 2 elective courses from the list of the Ministry. For students from religious schools, one of the electives must be the Talmud. Second elective is referred as Megama or Major and it is the only personal elective as the other elective has been selected by the school. The second elective comprises biology, physics, history, french, computers etc. 
Students can also choose one or both electives if they are from non-religious schools. 
Bagrut Units: 21 is the lowest possible number of Bagrut units. Students can complete up to 40 units of Bagrut. The schools under the religious category complete around 30. Extra units are obtained through higher level courses, extra electives  or a personal project. The 4 and 5 unit tests give bonus points to Bagrut test takers.
Specific additional courses must also be passed as per the curriculum of the school. 
Special accommodation for Olim is associated with taking Israel within three years of first Bagrut test in 10th or 11th grade.   

Purpose of Exam: Bagrut exam are utilised for assessing the knowledge of pupils on subjects covered in high school. Acceptance into military units, employment and higher studies is based on the Bagrut score achieved.

Score required for the pupil in each of the subjects included in Bagrut certificate is the grade average allocated by the high school and the grade obtained on final exams set by Education Ministry. Subjects are tested for each study unit ranging from 1 to 5. Each unit has 90 class hours associated with the field in question. 

Minimum Study Unit Levels: Minimum study unit level needed involves Civics(1), Bible(2), Math(3), History(2), English (3), Hebrew Literature(2), Hebrew Composition(1) and Hebrew Grammar (1). Total number of required subjects is 15. Pupils may spend more time on these subjects and be tested at levels higher than the lowest required as well. Alongside core subjects, candidates for Bagrut must also be tested in 1 or greater number of elective subjects, in line with the interests of pupils and course offerings of high school. Elective subjects can be assessed at 3,4 and 5 units levels. 

Examination scores are ranked as per the following scale: 
  • Excellent: 95-100
  • Very Good: 85-94
  • Good: 75-84
  • Almost Good: 65-74
  • Satisfactory: 55-64
  • Almost Satisfactory: 45-54
  • Not Satisfactory: 44 and below

To be awarded the certificate, students must complete testing in a minimum of 20 study units which includes 15 in specific subjects and one elective subject. The latter is tested at unit 5 level. 

Candidate will not receive the Bagrut certificate in case of 
  • Grades of 39 or lower in any required subject, grade of 44 or less in Hebrew Grammar/Composition
  • Failure to attain passing grade of 45 or higher in unit 5 level elective subject 

Fee and Application Deadlines for Bagrut in Israel

There is a Winter as well as summer Bagrut held for students. Students with special needs such as learning disabilities can approach NITE for meeting their requirements. The fee for the exam is given at the time of application.

Institutions Accepting Bagrut

Bagrut scores are accepted by institutions all over Israel. These include:

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
 Bar Ilan University (Ramat Gan)

Tel Aviv University

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Be'er Sheva)

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (Haifa)

IDC Herzliya

The Jerusalem College of Technology

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