Bagrut Examinations

Tuedat Bagrut or Bagrut Examinations is a compulsory requirement for Israeli higher education. Universities translate Bagrut diploma into Quality Point Average associated with grade and level as per a formula. Higher weightage is given to English and Math. Each department of the university also has certain stipulations and acceptance of the same is based on a blend of psychometric exam and Quality Point Average. Bagrut examinations assess knowledge on subjects studied in high school. A Bagrut certificate is awarded by the Israeli Ministry of Education.

Compulsory subjects in Bagrut Examinations
  • 3-5 units of English language (written and oral) and literature
  • 3-5 units of Mathematics
  • 2 units Civics
  • 2 units General and Israeli history
  • 2 units Hebrew/Arabic and translated world literature ( Jewish thought in state religious schools)
  • At least one 5-unit elective, such as geography, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, Arabic, French, social sciences, expanded physical education (incl. psychology and physiology) etc. It is also possible to expand a 2 unit discipline to 5 units, or to write an academic-style thesis worth 5 units in a certain discipline.
School dependent subjects in Bagrut Examinations

Religious Scriptures:
  • State schools - 2 units Hebrew Bible
  • State religious schools - 3 units Hebrew Bible, 3 units Oral Torah and Talmud
  • Arab schools - 1 unit Muslim, Christian or Druze culture and heritage ("religion and heritage" for Christians)
  • Jewish schools - 2 units Hebrew grammar and composition
  • Arab schools - 3 units Arabic grammar and composition, 3 units Hebrew grammar and composition
Internal subjects in Bagrut Examinations: These are compulsory for students who studied in a traditional high-school setting (not included in grade average)
  • 180 hours Physical Education (60 a year over 3 years)
  • Two "general education" subjects, 30 hours each
  • 90 hours introduction to science (3 hours a week for one year)
  • 180 hours volunteer work
Bagrut Examinations are available in different levels of difficulty. Students may choose the number of units in which they are tested. To receive a "full" matriculation certificate, the student must take and pass at least one subject matter exam at the 5-unit level of difficulty and earn a total of at least 21 combined study units in all bagrut exams taken.
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