Types of Degree Programs in Israel

Receiving a full matriculation certificate/bagrut from the National Ministry of Education entitles students to access undergraduate degree program. The psychometric exams associated with national academic admissions for domestic students is another crucial requirement for the admission for undergraduate degrees. Higher educational institutions merge the bagrut grades with psychometric scores into a composite score on the basis of which admission is granted to bachelor’s program.  

Undergraduate Degree Program in Israel

Duration and Time: Minimum duration of a bachelor’s degree course in Israel is 3 years. Requirements for the degree are specified through credits. They can last for up to 40 hours in a week. Bachelor’s degree students can complete courses lasting from 6 to 10 three unit courses per semester.

The mode of the universities bachelor’s degree courses are either single or dual. Exceptions to these include nursing, law, engineering and architecture courses which last for 4 years. Curriculum for undergraduate degrees are intensive.

Pedagogy: Bachelor’s degree courses involve class participation and attendance as well as seminar papers and research skills. Around 120 units are needed for obtaining an undergraduate degree. More units may be needed for some departments. Program of studies for undergraduate degree exclude distribution requirements necessitating coursework in areas not linked to the major of the student. From the first semester itself, students concentrate on their specific fields. Law and medicine are undertaken at the level of secondary studies in Israel, unlike other nations. Bachelor’s degree programs are typically interdisciplinary.  

Master’s Degree Programs in Israel

Admission Criteria: For entry into Master’s degree courses in Israel, students must possess at least an average undergraduate grade of 80 for admission into Master’s degree courses. Certain departments may require a higher average for admission in the subject if the student is majoring in it. Certain departments need higher than average scores. 
Many university departments offer one of 2 programs:
  • The first type of where students write a master’s thesis and pursue a doctoral course after that
  • The second type is where the thesis is not required and it is for students who do not want to pursue PhD
Council for Higher Education has provided non university institutions with the power to offer the second type of courses. 
Master’s degree students will complete their studies within 2 years in Israel. Master’s degree courses in Israel are specialized. 

Doctoral Degree Programs in Israel

Doctoral Courses: A total of 7 universities have been authorized by the Council for Higher Education to award PhD degrees. 4 more years are needed after the initial two years for the master’s program to complete the doctorate. Admission to PhD programs requires students to have completed postgraduate education. Grade average of 80 in coursework and 85 in thesis is needed to gain admission to a doctoral program in Israel. Provisional admission may be granted to students with lower grades than these. Previous research work and research publications are also considered while pursuing doctoral degree programs. 

Direct PhD Program: Direct PhD programs have been introduced in recent times. These are for superlative pupils who have earned a GPA of at least 90 in intended major and 80 in coursework in unrelated subjects at the doctoral level. 

Diploma Studies in Israel

Israeli higher educational institutions also offer numerous non-degree and diploma/certificate programs. These diploma programs are open to students who have completed undergraduate education. Many of these programs do not award credit.
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