Structure of Education System in Israel

The education system in Israel is structured around well defined categories of primary, secondary and tertiary/higher education. Israel has many universities with well known faculty members. School education comprises lower, middle and upper secondary.

School System in Israel

The Israeli public school system has the following levels:
  • Primary schools comprising grades 1 to 6
  • Middle school comprising grades 7 to 9
  • Upper secondary or high school constituting grades 10 to 12
Israel has a diverse educational system. Schools are divided into 5 basic groups: 
  • State/Mamlachti Schools: These are attended by a major percentage of the students. Curriculum of state schools is mostly mandated by the State. Curriculum includes maths, language skills, science, Jewish studies and history. A specific subtype of Mamlachti schools are the Tali schools. 
  • State Religious Schools: Also called Mamlachti Dati schools that stress on Jewish studies, tradition as well as observance of rituals. Supplementary studies here emphasize accelerated Jewish and religious studies
  • Independent Religious Schools: Chinch Atzmai or independent religious schools focus on the Talmud Torah. These schools place major stress on religious studies and observance.
  • Private Schools: These reflect the tenets of certain groups or are associated with foreign curriculums. These private schools are recognized by the education ministry. 
  • Arab Schools: These provide instruction in Arabic and focus on Arab culture.
State as well as state-religious schools operate under the guidance and supervision of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. A separate educational structure is followed for Arab schools which include Islamic, Druze and Christian schools. Medium of instruction in Jewish schools is Hebrew and Arab is Arabic. 

Bagrut/Matriculation Exam: Successful completion of the matriculation examination leads to award of the Bagrut certificate. This is conferred by the national Ministry of Education to secondary school pupils. In Israel, the Bagrut certificate and scores achieved influence acceptance into elite military units as well as academic studies and jobs. Students are tested from 1 to 5 units. Each unit is representative of 90 class hours pertaining to the field in question. 
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