Accreditation and Quality Assurance

The Council of Higher Education is the only organization that is responsible for accreditation and quality assurance. It operates as per various rules dealing with different aspects of the accreditation and quality assurance process. The Council of Higher Education (CHE) has established various rules to deal with different aspects of the work. This includes the following:

  • Rules for providing a permit to open and maintain higher educational institutions
  • Rules for accreditation of higher educational institutions
  • Rules for degree recognition
  • Rules for providing authorization to an accredited institution for awarding a recognized academic degree
  • Rules for the revocation of accreditation of an accredited institution
This institution also functions in the academic sphere and leads to the award of an academic degree. Its Academic Division supports this function. 

Academic Division: This division undertakes numerous preliminary exams including the legal corporation on the basis of which the institute operates as per the Council for Higher Education Law and the directives of the Council of Higher Education.The application is then forwarded to the Council of Higher Education’s different divisions for budgeting, wages and terms of employment. These divisions involve planning and budgeting aspects of the application. This includes assessment of economic implications of program addition as well in higher educational institutions. 

Budgeting: Institutions are budgeted by the PBC/Planning and Budgeting Committee require additional checks for institution of programs from a national viewpoint.  Committees are also appointed by the Council constituting experts in fields for the conduct of academic examinations of the application. The recommendations are submitted along with the PBC’s recommendation which then influences the decision of the Council. 

Following conclusion of the examinations, the application is moved to the PBC for further discussion. Committee discusses the requests and transmits it to the CHE plenum for approval.  
Accreditation through CHE: CHE has decided at its meeting on 3rd June 2003 for the establishment of a system for assessment and quality assurance at institutions of higher education in Israel. CHE has established the Quality Assessment Unit in 2004 which is a fundamental part of the council.

The council has decided at the initial stage itself, quality assessment and assurance in the higher education system will be conducted at the study program level. Quality assessment at the institutional level is then conducted

Licensing Mechanisms: Licensing mechanisms are established for accrediting of academic programs and establishment of higher educational institutions. An institution offering academic programs and awarding academic degrees submits its request for accreditation to the Secretariat of the Council which makes numerous checks. The Division for Planning and Information and the Budgeting Division examine the request.

The divisions also consider the request from the viewpoint of budgeting and planning. Following completion of examinations, the PBC takes charge. Final approval is from the CHE. 

Role of the Ministry of Education

As far as evaluation of the international degrees is concerned, the Ministry of Education has brought forth general guidelines for evaluation of academic degrees by institutions of higher education abroad. Evaluation of degrees is conducted by the Division for Evaluation of Foreign Academic Degrees, Ministry of Education. 


Council of Higher Education has played a crucial role in the accreditation of educational institutions and their academic programs since its inception. CHE is the sole body for accreditation in Israel. There is a multi-step procedure for accreditation in Israel as per the CHE.
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