Academic Grading System in Israel

Academic grading in Israeli schools ranges from 0 to 100. It is used at all educational levels in Israel from elementary through high school to undergraduate and graduate university degrees. 

 Grade Percentage Remark  US Equivalent
 10 95-100 Excellent A Plus
 9 85-94 Very Good A
 8 75-84 Good B
 7 74-65 Almost Good C  Plus
 6 64-55 Satisfactory C
 5 54-45 Almost Satisfactory D
 0-4 0-44 Failed F

Variation in Grading System: There is some variation in the grading system used in different universities and colleges. However, most of the higher educational institutions use a 100 point rating scale and assign grades accordingly. Most common type of assessment of students is through seminar papers and tests at the undergraduate level. Postgraduate studies coupled with a thesis require submission of the same as part of degree requirements. At the doctoral level, students participate in numerous courses and submit dissertations. 

Impact of Grades: Grades determine if students progress from one stage of studies to another. Certain institutions establish minimal grade averages to pass from one study stage to another. For instance, there is a minimal bachelor grade average needed to commence MA studies in particular disciplines. Certain disciplines require students to take state exams such as bar exams for law students, and exams for those in specialized fields such as medicine and psychology.
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