Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Degrees in Israel

Admission Requirements for Undergraduate degree courses in Israel
Pursuing higher studies in Israel is ideal for students who want to understand the rich cultural heritage of this nation, and access its world class education. International programs in Israel also provide students a chance to grow professionally and personally. 

Duration and Language of Bachelor's Degree Courses in Israel

Course Completion: Most BA degree courses are completed within three years. Bachelor’s in science or engineering programs are completed within a duration of 4 years. Universities as well as certain Israeli colleges provide students with a chance to take 3 to 4 year track in English. Additionally, certain schools have programs which students can pursue in English in the first year and in Hebrew for the remainder of the years.

Medium of Instruction: Israeli universities offer basic Hebrew courses alongside Arabic courses as well. Students should therefore have working knowledge of either subject and they can take elective courses in Jewish or Arabic cultures. Internship programs are also available for high tech industry or government or social organisations.  

Entrance/Test Requirements for Bachelor's Degree Courses in Israel

Tests: Admission for bachelor’s degree studies is linked to GPA as well as SAT and other standardised test scores. Most of the programs grant entrance to students with a high school average of around 80 or higher. For more demanding faculties such as engineering, the average should be above 90 and SAT scores should be around 1400 or more. Those who did not finish their high school in nations where English is spoken are required to take English Proficiency test such as IELTS or TOEFL

Admission Requirements for Bachelor's Degree Courses in Israel
Admission Requirements: Basic requirements for admission to Bachelor’s degree programs are diploma from high school or matriculation certificate, proficiency in Hebrew and good scores in psychometric entrance exams. Certain departments of universities and colleges have more requirements such as interviews and additional tests. Israel's citizenship is needed for those students who want to appear for certain courses such as physiotherapy and veterinary medicine. High admission requirements are needed for courses such as medicine, psychology, law and engineering. 

Entrance Requirements: Secondary school diploma equivalent to Israeli matriculation certificate include the Australia's HSC and the English GCE comprising 2 A and 3 O level. Students whose high school diploma is not equivalent to the Israeli matriculation certificate must have completed an additional year of study in international universities or a pre-academic preparatory program at Israeli universities. 

Psychometric Entrance Examination: The Entrance Test  for Psychometrics is conducted by the Israeli national Institution regarding Testing And Evaluation or NITE. 
Results were valid for 5 academic years following the exam date. The test can be taken “n” number of times provided there is a gap of 10 months between the two testing sessions. Examinees receive results regarding the institutions to which he or she has applied 

This Psychometric Entrance Examination is conducted in many languages such as Spanish, French, Russian, English, Arabic and Hebrew. For students whose native languages are not these, special version of the test is administered. In this questions appear in English as well as Hebrew and difficult terms are given in more languages. This entrance test is conducted each year in many central locations across the world. The exam is  a battery of tests measuring scholastic abilities of use in academic settings. Areas tested include easoning, quantitative reasoning as well as English. 

Courses Offered in Israel at Undergraduate Level

Bachelor’s degree programs offer numerous specialisations including science, arts and humanities as well as commerce and management. The courses also include religion, brain sciences, behavioural sciences, Middle Eastern and Israel studies, environmental studies and so forth. 

Admission Procedure and Application Deadlines for Bachelor's Degree Courses in Israel

Tuition fees at Israeli universities approximate around USD 3,600 per year while private colleges charge around USD 7000 per year. The universities and many colleges provide housing for an additional sum or around USD 5000 to 8000 per year. Admission procedure varies across higher educational institutions in Israel. 
Academic Calendar. Universities following a semester system commence studies from mid October to February. The second semester is from early March to August.  

International Students in Israel at Undergraduate Level

Israel as an Educational Destination: In 2012, OECD named Israel the most educated nation in the world. It is the top nation for global students who want to access a well organised educational system. For the undergraduate degree, 25% of total number of students in 2012 were from the EU and the US. Around 1% were from Ethiopia and 18% were from Asia and Africa. Close to 40% of the students were from Israel while 11% were from Arab nations, as per the Central Bureau of Statistics, Israel.

Key Statistics: For diploma courses, the number of international students is as follows. Around 20% were from Europe and America while 23% were from Asia or Africa, as per the Central Bureau of Statistics, Israel for the year 2012. An equal percentage of Arabs and Jewish students pursued diploma courses this year, around 28%. 

List of Universities in Israel 


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