Admission Requirements for Doctoral Programs in Israel

There are many unusual avenues for students pursuing doctoral degrees in Israel when it comes to versatile subject matter. Students can specialize in fields such as immigration, Middle Eastern studies, Holocaust studies and agriculture.

The PhD program lasts for 4 additional years or so following a Master’s program of 2 years. Students can opt for Hebrew medium courses or go in for English medium programs depending upon their preferences and language proficiency, You can also get a fellowship or grant through a superlative research proposal. The dissertation generally has to be written in Hebrew though the abstract can be in English. In some cases, students have been allowed to write their dissertation in English. 

Entrance/Test Requirements and Admission Procedure for Doctorate in Israel

Online Submission: Most cases require online submission of application. Following the application deadline, there is a review of applications and students who are admitted receive official intimation of the same. In some cases, an interview is also needed which must either be in person or through telephone or Skype. 

Documents Required: Application documents which students must submit includes official transcripts from the high school attended including a copy of the graduation diploma. Students are also required to submit a personal essay and letters of recommendation apart from CV/Resume. Students should also possess scores from standardised university entrance examinations in their country and show high level of proficiency in English apart from passing the medical screening. 

Tests: Universities may also have more requirements. Students should ensure that they ask for detailed information before making an application to the university of their choice in Israel. Special preparatory programs have to be attended by students who lack the necessary qualifications. This includes international students. Standardised test covering three areas namely quantitative and verbal reasoning as well as English language proficiency is conducted by the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation in Israel. 

Application Guidelines: Applicants must have finished a Master’s program with a thesis from a recognised academic institution to be eligible for a doctorate in Israel. Grade average should be a minimum of 80 or B and thesis grade must be 85 or higher which means Very Good. Having a publication to one’s credit is also a determining factor in doctoral admissions in Israel. Some students may need to complete supplementary courses before commencing with the doctoral degree course. 

Courses Offered in Israel at Doctoral Level

Direct Doctoral Degrees: Students can opt for doctorates following post graduation. But in exceptional cases, undergraduate students can apply for direct doctoral programs as well. This gives them opportunities to be involved in research from an earlier point in time. For the direct doctoral courses, students must attend Masters / MA / Similar course for 1 year and then move onto doctoral studies.

Grades Needed: Students can only opt for doctoral studies if they have high grades. Applicants must score 90 (A) or higher in research subjects and average of 80/B or higher in other courses. 

Types of Courses: Subjects taught in Israeli universities include mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, life sciences or engineering.  Summer programs are also available in academic as well as linguistic fields. Language courses offered include Yiddish, Arabic as well as Hebrew. Intensive Language Program is also offers din these three languages. Higher education courses in Israel are taught in English along with French, Russian, Hebrew and Spanish.  

Academic Calendar for Doctoral Degree Courses in Israel

Academic calendar for doctoral degree programs varies depending upon the institution to which one has applied. Typically, applications are made in the months of June, July and August whereby the necessary documents must reach the concerned institution. Admission results are generally communicated before the start of the first semester in mid October.
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